Folly is an Endless Maze

The following is a poetry game that was created as a culminating project for ENC 6428 and CIS 6930,

"Data Mining and Digital Poetics," a graduate-level interdisciplinary course at the University of Florida.

The purpose of this project was to reinterpret the poetry of Romantic poet and printmaker, William Blake,

and to create a non-linear and interactive representation of the experience of reading Blake's famously dense

and intertextually-rich poetry. In “Folly is An Endless Maze” the reader becomes a player in a first person shooter

game, navigating the text of Blake’s poetry as in a self-propagating labyrinth. The text and images which make up

the game are sourced from David Erdman's copy of Blake’s original poetry and illuminated manuscripts through the

United States Library of Congress and are legal under the Fair Use laws. Enter the maze by clicking the start button.

Once inside the maze,you can use your arrows to navigate your way through the game and create your own poem

by walking through the maze.

The William Blake Archive's digital collection of Blake's original poetry and illuminated manuscripts states that "You do not need to acquire permission to use Archive materials for in-class teaching purposes, school projects, and assignments."

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