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Fall 2018

Movable Book Society Conference [Invited Speaker]

Have you ever wondered how movable books should be digitized? What methods are better for volvelles, what technologies work best for dissolving scenes, and what can you do with extravagant pop-ups? Come see the many ways that historical movable books can be shown online, from animated GIFs, to videos, to 3D models, to 4D volumetric captures! Emily Brooks will share her doctoral research from the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature and offer tips for digitizing your own movable books. Conference Agenda.

ENC3310: Advanced Exposition: Cod(ex)2position [Instructor]

We are already in the habit of daily verbal and textual exposition: describing observations, narrating events, providing instructions, linking causes to effects, comparing and contrasting ideas, illustrating our points of view, defining moments, classifying new experiences, and making connections. We generate these strings of characters, syllables, words to make something that has never quite existed in exactly that combination before—just as makers use the same toolboxes, technologies, or raw materials to make new, unique artifacts. How is writing, then, a form of making? In this course, we will explore how humanist scholars experiment, create, and make things through research.

This course will teach you how to enhance your writing style (clarity, coherence, cohesion, concision, and elegance) and design thinking habits (color, typography, layout, visuals, and medium). You will read a style handbook and select chapters and project snapshots from book history and maker culture. Based on the readings, you will make things like zines, animated GIFs, and 3D prints and write 6000 words as blog posts and various expository exercises.

Current Positions

PhD Candidate in the English department @UF. NEH Summer Scholar 2018. HASTAC Scholar 2016-2018. Guest Editor of Trace: Innovation Initiative. Graduate Student Representative on the Digital Humanities Certificate Committee @UF. Co-instructor of Arduino trainings at the Marston Science Library @UF. Lead Graphic Designer/Technical Editor at The Athena Group, Inc.

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