Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy has always been simple: Be the teacher you want to have. For me, this means someone who is really knowledgeable about the subject but still takes a keen interest in new perspectives I might have to offer; someone who pushes me to be my best but is understanding when the circumstances of life interfere; someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about the topic but understands that I might need to be persuaded of the topic's interest; someone who helps me and my peers to learn from each other (but never assigns group projects); someone who can offer a friendly smile or a sympathetic ear because adjusting to a new phase of life is difficult; someone who genuinely cares if I succeed but respects me to make my own decisions; someone who fosters a safe space for me to explore, experiment, fail, and recover; and finally, someone who makes me want to keep learning long after the class is over.

Arduino Training

Current Positions

PhD Candidate in the English department @UF. NEH Summer Scholar 2018. HASTAC Scholar 2016-2018. Guest Editor of Trace: Innovation Initiative. Graduate Student Representative on the Digital Humanities Certificate Committee @UF. Co-instructor of Arduino trainings at the Marston Science Library @UF. Lead Graphic Designer/Technical Editor at The Athena Group, Inc.

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