Research Statement

My background is in Art+Tech and English, and I am particularly interested in the ways technology can be used to serve the purposes of traditional art and literature institutions: libraries, archives, and museums. While projects like Google Books have already started to amass vast scans of pages, they tend to focus on text-based reproduction at the expense of the materiality of the codex. My interests lie in the translation from the real to the virtual and back to the real again to aid in conservation and preservation efforts of fragile books.

This spring, I have started a long-term project that I've been interested in for quite some time; creating digitizations of the interactive books in the Baldwin Library. Some pop-up elements need to be seen from multiple angles, so photographs, scans, videos, or animated GIFs will not suffice. Only now with the affordances of 3D scanning and modeling technology can proper virtualization of these multidimensional objects be achieved. This project is connected to my dissertation project, in which I plan to 3D scan and print treasure bindings across the country. I hope to build a strong portfolio to showcase my technological capabilities for funding opportunities.

Current Positions

PhD Candidate in the English department @UF. NEH Summer Scholar 2018. HASTAC Scholar 2016-2018. Guest Editor of Trace: Innovation Initiative. Graduate Student Representative on the Digital Humanities Certificate Committee @UF. Co-instructor of Arduino trainings at the Marston Science Library @UF. Lead Graphic Designer/Technical Editor at The Athena Group, Inc.

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