Letterpress, 3D printing, paper engineering, and more!

Welcome to the Swamp


An interactive book with tactile football, pompoms, goal post, and field; dry erase marker and board; paper circuit and miniature book; thermochromic beakers; and bell with sound.

Welcome to the Swamp Touchscreen


Read, interact, and play with the touchscreen adaptation of Welcome to the Swamp.

Treasure F Book


Read the inside of the 2019-2020 Treasure F Book. View the 3D model of the Treasure Binding F Book.

PopUp UF Animated

Pop-Up UF/ Digitization


View the collection of volumetric captures of Pop-Up UF at Sketchfab.

Pop-Up Guide to UF

2019Paper Engineering

A dummy book of a 180° fold pop-up guide to UF campus landmarks: Thomas Hall, Century Tower, Stadium, Baughman Center, Bat House, and Butterfly Rainforest.

Instagram Flowers


A compilation of flower photography from Gainesville, FL to Amherst, MA.

Marston Button Maker


A video of button making. The button reads "You are special enough for special collections," a quote by John Overholt.

Gravity Falls Journal 3 Blacklight Simulator


For this mini-project, I developed a simulator in CodePen to simulate what the blacklight messages in the collector's edition of Gravity Falls Journal 3 looks like.

Library Display of Crystallized Intelligence box and book

Crystallized Intelligence


A selective academic memoir of notes, quotes, and images from my favorite courses at UF.
Read the Book
Watch the Video

Twine Interactive Storytelling Map

The Fork In the Road Twine


A silly nonsensical forking story, with obscure references to Gravity Falls, Milo Murphy's Law, Flight of the Conchords, The Lonely Island, and Weird Al Yankovic.
The Fork In the Road Twine

Mixed media black and white digital print of magnolia tree with red Century Tower

Magnolia Century Tower

2018Mixed Media

Century Tower peering behind the magnolia tree at the University of Florida | Mixed media: digital black and white print with red linocut print.

Makeademia Perfect Binding Cover

Makeademia Perfect Binding Book Cover

2018Perfect Binding

I designed this book cover to explain the portmanteau, Makeademia, and what kind of activities we made in an Advanced Exposition class. If you are interested, please take a look at our class Tumblr. I presented on Makeademia: Paper/Digital Prototyping in Multimodal Composition at MLA 2019.
Summer A 2018 Makeademia

Pastel Funfetti Sprinkles Macarons with Marshmallow Frosting

Sprinkle Macarons


Funfetti Macarons with Marshmallow Frosting.
Jasmin Bell

Black Spider-Man Vinyl with Glowing White Eyes on Red Metallic Tray and Red Iron Man Vinyl with White Glowing Eyes on Gold Metallic Tray

Spider-Man and Iron Man Metallic Tray

2017Vinyl Cutting

I created the designs in Adobe Illustrator and then used the Silhouette Cameo to cut the vinyl. The tutorial is published on Instructables.
Vinyl Metallic Tray Design

3D printed Toros Roslin Gospels

3D Printed Toros Roslin Gospels

20163D Printing

Photogrammetry [Autodesk 123D Catch] Walters Art Museum Manuscript W. 539
3D Printed Toros Roslin Gospels

3D printed translucent lithophanes

3D Printed Lithophanes

20163D Printing

Gainesville Flowers
Lithophane Models

metallic painted cereal box rupees

Metallic Rupees


Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Silver, and Gold Rupees
Cereal Box Rupees

bright colored paper gems

Paper Gems


Paper Gems
Paper Gems Templates

DNA Florida

DNA Helix Florida


Florida Genetics Symposium 2016 T-Shirt Design Contest Winner
UFGI 2016



Prototype of Arduino to sync RGB LED with Piezo music "What the World Needs Now" starting on a button press
Get Code

Victoria Rocks

Victoria Rocks


Photograph of nature in Victoria, BC

Linocut Azalea

Linocut Azalea


Suicide cut on linoleum block based on photograph of azalea.




Photography of daylillies in Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

Gold Splatter Painting

Gold Splatter Painting


Painting using metallic rainbow paints

Candy Favor Holder

Photopolymer Printing

2015Photopolymer Printing

Photopolymer printing and upcycle crafting
Truffle Gift Box Favors

Cookie Monster

Edible Book Contest

2015Edible Art

Edible book: Cookie Monster Book of Cookie Monsters

Macaron Pop Cover

Macaron Pop Cover


Designed photopolymer plate, then blind and inked letterpress, then folded to cover handmade macaron pops

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding


Book made with perfect binding glue on the spine

Azalea Campus

Azalea Campus


Photograph of azaleas on University of Florida campus

Gold Letterpress

Gold Letterpress


An old Vandercook with metallic gold ink

Thai Marbled Books

Thai Marbled Books


For the University Scholars Program, I received $1750 to use the letterpress, sew bind books, and cover with Thai marbled papers and black bookcloth

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding


Book made with perfect binding glue on the spine

Canvas Quotes Gifts

Canvas Quotes Gifts

2015Homemade Gifts for Students

I hand lettered students' favorite book quotes

Little Golden Book Gifts

Little Golden Book Gifts

2017Homemade Gifts for Students

Students designed covers that I printed and pasted to mini journals and adorned with gold spine

Personalized Pen and Journal Gift

Personalized Pen and Journal Gift

2018Homemade Gifts for Students

I created mini gift sets for my student writers with matching colored pens, mini journals, and blank books that I personalized with their names

Autobiography Slipcover Gifts

Autobiography Slipcover Gifts

2018Homemade Gifts for Students

Students designed autobiography covers that I printed as slipcovers for blank books